What Price Are You Willing to Pay For The Restoration of the Gospel?

How far are you willing to go?
What are you willing to do or say?
How much suffering are you ready to endure?

Think carefully about it. Whatever the Lord asks of you is right, even if it doesn’t make sense when He asks, or for a long time afterward.

In all likelihood, most of what He’ll ask of you is just to be willing to live the Gospel daily and share it as often as you can.

You probably won’t be required to do anything too wild and crazy, in other words.

But what price are you willing to pay, if it comes down to it?

Where does your heart truly lie?

What price was the prophet Joseph Smith willing to pay?
What price were Moroni, and Mormon before him, willing to pay?
What price was the Lord Himself willing to pay?

Just some thoughts for today.

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