How to Get Back Up … Again: Thoughts on Repeated Repentance

So is there anything you’re doing wrong, or that you’ve done wrong, over and over?

If not, have you checked your pulse?

Getting into trouble is a human thing, we all do it. Sadly, we all also tend to mess up over and over again in the same ways.

So how do you pick yourself back up off the floor yet again, when you’ve messed up for what feels like the thousandth time?

One powerful tip: let go of the past. Don’t dwell so hard on it, don’t picture yourself trapped by it or tethered by it. Imagine for a moment that you have no memory at all of the past – in a way it’s quite exhilarating, isn’t it?

Now of course having a memory of your mistakes can actually be quite important – how else would you know not to repeat them?

But don’t base your present decisions solely on a feeling of being “stuck” in your past.

Another thing to remember: the atonement of Christ applies to every situation you find yourself in – that is, it’s just as effective when you repent for the thousandth or even the millionth time, as with the first time.

So take comfort in these tidbits, and get back up – again. You can do it.