Missionary Skills: How to Share the Gospel Effectively

Welcome to the Missionary Skills learning area. Here you will learn how to do Mormon missionary work, whether you are preparing to serve a full-time mission for the Church, or just wanting to be better at sharing the Gospel with others.

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A Missionary Guide to Suffering and Grieving

Ideally, the only thing you would grieve for as a missionary would be the sins of the world. When the resurrected Lord spoke to the three Nephite apostles who desired to remain upon the earth and preach the Gospel until His Second Coming, He told them that in doing so, they would not feel any…

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Gospel Sharing Skills: How to Listen

Listening is one of the most important skills for any missionary, whether full-time or not. Always listen before giving counsel.

Gospel Sharing Skills: Personalize the Message

– Do not give canned or “standard” advice. Treat every person with whom you speak about or share the Gospel with a deep sense of respect. Remember – the message never changes, in one sense – the teachings remain the same – but, just as Christ did in His mortal ministry, you must share the…

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Timing: What It Is and How to Improve Yours

There are lots of examples where something takes longer or is sped up based on our degree of faithfulness. For example D&C 105:1-13. When God changes His mind – if you can call it that – it is not in the same way that we imperfect mortals change our minds. Great link: http://speeches.byu.edu/reader/reader.php?id=684 We change…

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Missionary Work Tip: Yield Your Heart to God

Helaman 3:35 talks about yielding your heart to God and the sanctification that results from it. Ponder this when you are preparing the share the Gospel with others. How yielded is your heart? How willing are you to go where He wants you to go?

Missionary Skills: Preparing to Preach by the Spirit

In Alma 50:1, we read that Moroni, the chief captain over the Nephite armies in a time of prolonged war with the Lamanites about 72 years before the birth of Christ, “did not stop making preparations for war.” When you seek to share the Gospel, you should strive to live in a constant state of…

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Missionary Skills: How to Use Sharpness

If you preach by the power of the Spirit, you preach with sharpness. You preach sharply. This means clearly, plainly. It is so clear that it easily divides right from wrong in the mind of the listener. The sharpness in you is the sharpness of the power of the word of God which is in…

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The Importance of Record Keeping in Missionary Work

More to come, but I just wanted to put down a quick note here that keeping a good record is an extremely important part of effective missionary work. When you are trying the share the Gospel and help people live it, you have to keep track of what they do in response to your teaching…

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How to Teach Someone to Humble Themselves

Here are some tips on how to help a person become more humble. 1. Preach unto them repentance (Alma 37:33). 2. Preach unto them faith on the Lord Jesus Christ (Alma 37:33). 3. Remind them of their permanent status as a beggar before God (Mosiah 4:19). 4. Assign them to do something for someone else…

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How to Get Back Up ... Again: Thoughts on Repeated Repentance

So is there anything you’re doing wrong, or that you’ve done wrong, over and over? If not, have you checked your pulse? Getting into trouble is a human thing, we all do it. Sadly, we all also tend to mess up over and over again in the same ways. So how do you pick yourself…

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