Thoughts on the Importance of Missionary Work

We are lost and fallen, and always be, without Christ. It’s enough to make one yearn to weep forever to think of remaining in darkness – to think of becoming as the darkness.

God cares. He cares. And He cares more than you do. By definition, He has to care more than you do. He made you. He made everything. If you really cared as much as Him, you would be His equal. You may think He doesn’t care about you, but it’s really you who doesn’t if you think that. And you will never see the day when you love Him more than He loves you. He loves you so much … you ought to ponder it. Take some quiet time to really consider the vastness of it.

The universe is huge. And yet He worries about you. Why?

Because He is a totally perfect Ruler of all of it, and you are His actually child. How could He not care?

No wonder He loves to teach you about repentance. He knows that it brings you back to him, and that nothing else will.

Do you want to know the secrets of God? How bad do you want ’em? What do think is His price? He’s gotta have you show Him you actually love Him enough to merit Him trusting you enough to give you intimate knowledge of things that to you are secret, but to Him are lying plainly in the light.

So you have to sweat. You have to hurt. The diligence has to come from deep within, and last a long enough time. You can’t fake it, because He knows. He always knows. You have to be real. Not just look real. BE real.

How much does it hurt? If you’re not hurting, it’s not enough. You have to care so much.

You should want to change the world.