Help the Poor and Needy

Seek to help the poor, needy, hungry, naked, sick and afflicted. Notice them. Spend time with them. Spend money and energy on them. Share talents with them. Lift them up to where you are. Relieve them. Calm them. Love them. Fill their emptiness.

“Your” money is not really your own. It is God’s. You are merely its steward. The same goes for your life, your body, your time. All that is truly yours is the power to choose freely, which He also gave you in the beginning.

You cannot take money or possessions with you when you die. You can only take your memories, feelings, hopes, dreams, desires and knowledge – your love, your guilt, your passion – your testimony, your relationships. So focus on the latter.

“If I have, I must give.”

All of this is closely connected to missionary work, or sharing the Gospel. The more you help those in need, the easier it will be for them to feel a desire to learn what makes you generous.