Obey God: The Greatest Missionary Challenge

The greatest missionary challenge is a rock with two faces.

One face is obedience to God.

The other is love for God, yourself and all people.

In at least one sense, these two things are really the same thing.

In this brief article, we will talk about obeying the Lord and how it makes up the largest, hardest, most important struggle you can possibly face as a messenger of the Gospel – whether or not you are a full-time, name tag-wearing missionary.

Will we choose to obey God humbly?

This is the great test of mortality and the grand challenge of eternity.

Joseph Smith used to tell himself: When the Lord commands, do it.

Thomas S. Monson has stated that the greatest lesson we can learn in this life is that when God speaks and we obey, we will always be right.

If you want to be a better conduit for the power of heaven so others can feel it flowing to them more strongly when you tell them about the incredible anguish of the Savior over their sins, and about His triumphant return to fresh life from the dark grave … if you wish for that, then be obedient to the Lord.

Obey His commandments. Do what the Spirit impresses you or tells you to do. Follow the instructions of those placed in positions of leadership before you.