Missionary Work Doctrine: Principles and Concepts Missionaries Should Teach

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Here you will learn all about the doctrine that missionaries need to know in order to preach the Gospel of Christ more powerfully.


What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The word gospel means good news. The good news is that Jesus Christ has made a perfect atonement for mankind that will redeem all mankind from the grave and reward each individual according to his/her works. So, the gospel is God’s plan of salvation, made possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ. The gospel includes…

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Prosper in the Land: What Does It Mean?

To prosper in the land is to: Receive all the temporal and spiritual blessings the Lord wants to give you. Avoid captivity both temporally and spiritually. Stand fast in the liberty wherewith the Lord has made you free. Not be cut off from His presence. Prosper as God prospers – by bringing about His work…

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Flood the World With the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

Moses 7:62 – “Sweep the earth as with a flood.” “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14 “But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.” – Amos 5:24 “Truth shall spring out of…

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Obey God: The Greatest Missionary Challenge

The greatest missionary challenge is a rock with two faces. One face is obedience to God. The other is love for God, yourself and all people. In at least one sense, these two things are really the same thing. In this brief article, we will talk about obeying the Lord and how it makes up…

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The Timing of the Fulfillment of Moses 7:62

Moses 7:62 is going to be fulfilled before the second coming of Christ.

What Do Mormons Believe? Top 10 Mormon Beliefs

Are you wondering what are the fundamental beliefs of Mormonism, or what a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints truly believes? Here is a short explanation, as well as a top 10 list of what LDS members believe. If you have any questions about Mormon beliefs, please post them in the…

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How to Repent: Repentance Steps and Repenting Tips

Here is a guide on how to repent of your sins, with step-by-step advice for full repentance, which earns you the forgiveness of God through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If you are struggling with sin or simply want a refresher course on repenting, this is the right place for you. How to Repent: A…

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The Atonement of Jesus Christ

The atonement, or “at-one-ment,” of Jesus Christ, is what He has done to enable us to return after death to live with God and enjoy eternal life. Supporting scriptures: Alma 41:15 – “That which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored.” Alma 42:4 – This life is “a time to…

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Freedom, War and Pacifism: How to Do the Will of God in Troubled Times

Alma 43:13 – Those who promised never to fight again weren’t pacifists all the way though – they heartily supported the Nephite military efforts with their substance and time, and even their sons they shipped off to battle – but the covenant was that they themselves wouldn’t personally fight, having made it some 3 to…

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The Devil and Missionary Work

The devil opposes the missionary work of God, because he opposes every initiative of God. The devil has no power to hinder any efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, except what people willingly give him.