Missionary Attributes: Characteristics of an Effective Preacher

This is the Attributes area. Here you will learn all about the character aspects or personal traits that missionaries need to try to have in order to preach the Gospel of Christ more powerfully.

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How to Overcome Fear

What is Fear? Fear can have several meanings. In this guide, fear means a disturbing feeling caused by the threat of something bad happening. Every person experiences fear from time to time. Fear can paralyze you and hinder your success. It can also galvanize you and spur you to succeed. Your fears may change over…

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Being One

Moses 6:68 – A single individual can be “one in” God (JC). It means being integral – having integrity – where what you do, think and say all agree. Be one with your companion. The Atonement is the At-one-ment. If you are not one, you are not His.


Trust is one of the most important attributes of a good missionary of Jesus Christ. We can break it down into several areas: – Trust in God – Trust in your own abilities – Trust in your companions – Trust in those you teach Alma 57:27 – The young warriors under the command of Helaman…

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How to Be More Honest in Your Missionary Work

Most people agree that honesty is an important character attribute to possess. But how important is honesty in preaching the Gospel? And how can you become a more honest missionary? God is Honest While there are situations in which God prevents us from knowing truth, He is always a God of truth and cannot lie…

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Becoming an Unstoppable Force for Spreading the Gospel

D&C 85:6 – The still small voice of the Spirit can make your bones to quake, as it were, when you are receiving personal revelation from God. It is possible to become so eager to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that you become a totally unstoppable, un-stifle-able member missionary. Mosiah 28:3 – The…

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How to Have Hope as a Missionary

Alma 22:16 teaches that if you humble yourself before the Lord and ask in faith to receive the hope that you may receive eternal life, He will give that hope to you – of course, in His own due time and way. By extension, we can say with confidence that if you lack self-esteem or…

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Courage: A Gospel Preacher's Secret Weapon

Alma 57 and 58 give us the amazing story of a band of just over two thousand young warriors who fought in several crucial battles for their people, the Nephites. Because of their courage and their faith, God kept every single on of them alive through the fighting, and gave them success in their attempts…

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Cheerfulness: How to Be of Good Cheer in Your Missionary Work

3 Nephi 1:13 – “Lift up your head and be of good cheer.” Those were the words of Jesus Christ to the prophet Nephi in the Americas a few hours before the Savior was born in the land of Jerusalem. As one who shares the Gospel of Christ with others by word and deed, you…

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In Helaman 4:12, we read that the Nephites suffered tremendous military defeats not because of some strategic oversight or the overwhelming numbers or abilities of their enemies, but “because of the pride of their hearts.” One of the ways in which this pride manifested itself was by “making a mock of that which was sacred.”…

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Sacrifice: How to Offer Yourself to God in Missionary Work

In short, you can offer yourself up to the Lord as you labor in the vineyard by showing Him continually that you have a broken heart and a contrite spirit – that you are ready to repent of any wrongdoing, that you recognize His power and knowledge as vast oceans compared to your single drop,…

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